After reading cum eating cookiesby Ms. Hunter, this is your last stop on the Holiday Blog train!!

It almost defies belief that once a year, a man is able to deliver joy around the world powered by reindeers and a team of elves that never stop. Yet we all know this is the case and for that Santa Claus is beloved by everyone. Santa is just one cool cat.

The thing that nobody realizes is that the reason we are able to experience the joy of Santa is because of one person. And it’s not Mr. Claus. No those elves do continue to work because of Santa. The wonder of the North Pole is all due to Mrs. Claus. Like duh, you losers do realize that Mrs. Claus is the Goddess of the North Pole.

Think about it, it’s so obvious. The elves are all cuckolded by Mrs. Claus. Santa, of course is the ever loving bull that gets to please Mrs. Claus with his huge Candy Cane Dick. Every year, the North Pole works like clockwork because Mrs. Claus is in control of every aspect. The elves can’t resist serving her needs at all times. They know their place and work year round to please their Goddess Mrs. Claus.

It’s said that Mrs. Claus runs a tight ship by locking elves up in chastity and making sure they always know their place as cuckolds. The female elves don’t have sex with the inferior male elves. No they get Santa’s Dick. A pussy free and locked elf is the hardest working elf.

The elves know that serving a Goddess is their purpose. They know that their needs are secondary to the needs of the Superior Mrs. Claus. They don’t second guess these thoughts because it’s an obvious truth. Elves know the best way to be on the right side of the Naughty or Nice list is to be an obedient cuck to Mrs. Claus. Sound familiar loser?

Rumor has it that Mrs. Claus hosts the Festival of Edging, every year before Christmas. It is the most amazing time at the North Pole. The elves are treated to week of edging and worship of Goddess Claus, well only If they are good. The elves that haven’t provided enough for Mrs. Claus are unable to participate. Those elves make final preparations for Christmas. The good elves get a week out of Chastity and are allowed to edge all week.

The top elves that serve Goddess Claus the most are rewarded with the biggest treat. The night before Christmas, while good elves are edging and bad elves are working, a lucky few are watching Santa get to work. They get to watch as Goddess Claus has her Golden Pussy taken care of by Santa’s huge cock. All their dedication and work is rewarded by seeing their Goddess in pure ecstasy. The lucky few that are rewarded each year know this is such a glorious honor for their loser dicks.

Now why am I sharing this wonderful story of holiday joy? Think about it bitch, are you going to be a good elf this holiday season? Are you going to do enough this holiday season to please your Goddess? You should know by now that the better you serve me, the more you will be rewarded. So be a good Cuck for me and I will make this a special time of year.