So let me tell you what happened to me this week.
I wake up to my normal day, crawling out of my new king sized bed, precious pet by my side. And by pet I mean My house house panther. I Do a few yoga stretches in my soft mint green panties and matching camisole that I was wearing and chug a glass of water.

Next I immediately change into my workout clothes. Exercise is super important- take note sissies- and since the gym is not available, I have turned my living room into a now slash gym. Not much, weights, yoga mat, and a streaming site that I use to get my sweat on and endorphins up. Thank you to one of my addicted losers.

Afterward strip off my sweaty -to, some my yummy work out clothes and slip on a robe to shower and lotion my silky olive skin. Throw my hair in a messy bun, slip on my lace panties and bra, short denim shorts and a cute little white tee. Grabbing another cup of coffee, I step outside, and my jaw drops! There he was!!

My new chastised sissy said she would send him and I had my doubts, but. there he was. Exactly as I pictured. Sexy and masculine. Muscular and powerful. My panties getting moist as I imagined how powerful he looked. I already knew how hard and fast he would go and I would ride this wild stallion for hours.

I ran to him. A beautiful cherry red Mustang, convertible in my driveway with a big pretty bow!!!

I immediately slipped my fine ass into the soft leather seat. A perfect fit. I inhaled that delicious scent and well, got even wetter. I am surprised I didn’t leave a wet spot.

Sissy slave would be rewarded nicely by servicing Mistress and maybe even a few girlfriends, and boyfriends.

Speaking of girlfriends, I thought, well why not share this fun ride with one of them, I immediately thought of Ms. Delia. We were just speaking the other day and sharing this purrrr-ty servant, so I gave her a call and she immediately said to pick her up.

I then called sissy to tell her she was the goodest gurl and asked where the keys were. I grabbed them from the hiding spot, hopped in started the engine, stepped on the gas and off to pick up my girl!!

Mistress Delia, was looking classy and stunning as always, was waiting outside when I rolled up to her house and jumped right in and we took off.

Could you imagine, seeing two gorgeous Goddesses cruising around in this shiny, cherry red, Mustang??

Could you even imagine something better? How about 2 stunning Mistresses, riding this beast passed your house for some “Drive by Humiliation”?