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So many Begging Boys Equals So much FUN

Besides the word cock, I think that the second most used word that comes out of a wimpy man’s mouth is please.  I hear it all day long!  “Please Miss Casey, can I stroke my cock for you?”  “Please Miss Casey can I serve you?” “Please Miss Casey can I suck a dick for . . . → Read More: So many Begging Boys Equals So much FUN

The Men I Love

A very popular question I hear when meeting a new fetish phone sex caller is, “what type of guy are you into?” My answer is usually, “It depends.” Now, I know that sounds like some lame, blow you off type of answer, but really it is not. I have a use for all men . . . → Read More: The Men I Love

Naked Sushi

One of the most important things you should know about Me is that I love sushi. I can eat it every day 7 days a week. Something I find very erotic is nyotaimori. Often referred to as “body sushi”, nyotaimori is the practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, . . . → Read More: Naked Sushi

Punishment Should Fit the Crime

I have received several emails from a gentleman pertaining to a certain little brat from Minnesota. He wanted to know what I thought about the story and how I would punish her.

Brianna 20 years old, and her friends reportedly abused and sexually humiliated several residents of a nursing home. While I have no . . . → Read More: Punishment Should Fit the Crime