And let Me watch. Don’t be shy. I want to see everything and I want it to be entertaining. So Miss Casey how can I please entertain you on cam? Here you are, some of the things I enjoying viewing during our phone sex session with cam.

Fun and playful games

I love challenging you with stroking and edging games.

Erotic Seduction Cock Stroking

If you are looking for more of an erotic stroking session, Just lay back lube up and let the fun begin. I enjoy a steamy masturbation show. And when I say lube up I really mean it. It really turns Me on to see your hard throbbing cock all wet and juicy.

I Love to Laugh While you Jerk Off

I want to see you shock your cock for Me. Do you have the balls to amuse Me this way? Come on it can’t hurt that much. If your floor is carpeted, strip down to only your socks. rub the socks and touch your dick to the computer for Me. It may not feel good for you, but its My laughter that gets you dick hard isn’t it?

New to making a fool of yourself for a Mistress? Then let Me break you in easy. Put on a pair of panties grab a pillow and hump hump away! I giggle every time!

One cam slut was inspired by My humiliating home made sex toys. It was fun to watch him use a plunger and stoke with salami. speaking of food….

Foods That Make your Dick Throb

Masturbate using a squid. That’s right. A slimy purple squid. It’ll feel just like your second skin. Pull off its head and clean its insides. Slip your cock right into the squid and start shaking till you blow your load.

Do you desire a morning quickie before work? Make a bowl of oatmeal let it cool a bit. Stick your cock in while it is still warm and hump until you spew. Now you have a healthy breakfast with extra protein.

Melons are great too. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, you name it. Just cut a hole, insert dick, thrust, repeat. The infamous LDW exhibitionist, John Meloncock highly recommends this method.

So there you are boys so many ways for you to entertain Me on cam. I can’t wait to see you!
Ta Ta boys
~Empress Casey

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Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
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