Hello boys and girls :). I have mentioned to a few of My sissy phone sex girls that I would be attending a wedding expo this weekend. I know My sissy brides and wannabee flower girls were so excited and a bit jealous to hear all about it. Oh don’t worry your perfect Empress will not be tying the knot. I went to help My future sister in law. It was a lot of fun. Especially the fashion show where I got to imagine My pretty crossdressing girlies dressed in the long lacy bridal gowns with beautiful trains and the sweet delicate flower girls dresses that I know some of you would have wet your panties over.

Speaking of sissy brides

I have taken on a new sissy slut slave. Her name is Andrea. Andrea desperately needed My help as a phone sex Mistress to push her to the next level of femininity. She knows that she can never fully live as a man. Her boy dick was way to small to ever satisfy any woman and never has. Yep Andrea has never had man sex. Who would want to with her itty bitty clitty?  I have placed her in chastity and suggested she find a more appropriate line of work. She previously worked as a boy with computers. In one week the little slut in training will start her new life and work as a manager in a bridal shop! I can’t wait to hear her adventures on our future phone sex calls.

Today is Ch-ch-chump day

A special day for the loser boys and girls who BEG to be humiliated via My blog. Keeping with the sissy theme I will tell you about Gingy sissy. He is the ugliest redheaded
small dicked pussy boy I have ever spoken to! Ugh he is so gross and pathetic. I like to treat him as My little bitch! On our last phone sex session I took him on vacation to the Carribean. I made him kneel by My beach chair in the steaming hot sun just to laugh while his pasty white ass burned up in the tropical sun. I lay comfortably under the umbrella and laughed My ass off.

If you want to be featured on My next Chump Day just call Me to tell Me how pathetic you are!
Ta Ta for now!
~Empress Casey

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