casey2I have received several emails from a gentleman pertaining to a certain little brat from Minnesota. He wanted to know what I thought about the story and how I would punish her.

Brianna 20 years old, and her friends reportedly abused and sexually humiliated several residents of a nursing home. While I have no problem physically or verbally abusing men and woman who contact Me, I find this to be the most pathetic behavior from a human being. There is a BIG difference between safely and consensually acting out one’s erotic fantasy and being a spoiled, malicious brat. I believe jail time is not enough and if I had the chance to sentence her I say eye for an eye. I would love to be the one who administers corporal punishment to the little witch.

She was reported to have pinched and poked female residents in the breasts saying well they were out of there minds, they feel no pain. Really Brianna? How about I tie up your breasts, pinch, poke, slap and clamp. Let’s see how much it does not hurt. She allegedly smacked the residents asses and sexually humiliated the men by rubbing them and getting them erect.

I would just love to have that cute little girl over My knees and panties around her ankles. Baring her lily white ass in front of the victims relatives, and give her the spanking of her life. I would use My bare hand, and a paddle. Turning those pretty, creamy cheeks blood red. It seems she is in desperate need of one and probably never has been spanked in her own home. Laughing with her friends about sticking their fingers in some of the residents asses. Oh sweetie I have something to stick up yours and it is much bigger than a finger. In fact I believe this would make for a terrific call. You can perhaps watch as I punish the young girl or for the little sissies out there, you can be My naughty Brianna.

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XO~Empress Casey

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