Every girl should learn to have perfect posture

Yes even if you are just a lowly sissy whore you need good strong posture muscles. I wouldn’t want to hear any whining of how your back and abs are sore from hunching over to give all those bj’s.

First you want to have your feet in a parallel position and about hip width apart

. This will engage the muscles in the front of your thighs and keeps your hips, knees and ankles in proper alignment. Of course you will want strong firm thighs. You will be doing plenty of deep squats over nice hard cock.

Imagine a string attached to the top of your head, As I pull it up feel your spine lengthen, getting tall. Well as tall as you can feel while wearing the frilliest baby doll nightie I can find.

Next you want to bring your pelvis to a neutral position

by placing your hands around your hips, then tucking your tailbone slightly until your pelvis is directly over your thighs, there is less sway in your lower back. You should feel your abdominal muscles kicking in a bit which will strengthen your core. This definitely helps out when having to wear 5 inch stilettos for hours.

Roll your shoulders back and relax them down, bringing your hands in line with the seams of your pants. Or in your case miniskirt.

Level your chin, keeping your head directly over the spot between your shoulders, not forward or back. Unless, of course, you are cock sucking at the moment. Then I expect you to go forward and back as far as you can.

An excellent way to train and strengthen your posture muscles is through yoga and pilates exercises. In fact I just so happen to have a recorded sissy assignment to listen to right HERE Enjoy!
Ta ta boys
Empress Casey

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