Hi my phone sex fans!

you all know that I’ve got my entourage of prick teasing gal pals of course, and we just love clubbing, but there’s nothing better than a night out with the boys to really get my motor going. And tonight promises to be epic debauchery.

One of my best friends

(yes, he’s an ex) is having his bachelor outing tonight and we’re planning on hitting the strip clubs *hard.* Alcohol, horny guys and sexy T and A dancing in my face is my kind of party. And you know I live to party.

If you’ve ever taken your girl to a strip club

you know we get all the action from the dancers (and the drinks for free!) But they aren’t allowed to go home with the customers (usually), so your Empress Casey will have her pick of big pricks tonight (tee hee) to deny and humiliate. But who really knows what kind of trouble this girl will get into!

I’ve already picked my dress out

and it’s absolute sin! Black and short of course to show off your Goddess’s sexy long legs. Tight, barely covering my hot bouncy bootie. Cut outs in the middle to show my sexy stomach. And yay! To top it off, my sexy shoes just came in the mail from my favorite little suck sissy M. Thank you thank you thank you!! I cannot wait to go out tonight and sport myself with My little minions! If I am not too hungover you may read about some of the nights events tomorrow!