At 5 foot 11 inches tall, I am all legs. Long, sexy legs.

“I love to tease men with my legs”-Eartha KittMistress Casey's Long, Sexy Legs (800) 601-6975

I have always had long legs. As a child, I looked awkward. The boys would call me names like Big Bird or green giant, but as a grown woman, my legs hold a special power over men.

I find it funny how those little pricks grew into leg aficionados who cannot stop staring and complimenting the very same legs they made fun of when we were kids.

Finally, my legs were proportionate to my body. I started to notice older men gawking and salivating over them. I guess you could call me a cock tease, but I cannot help how entertaining it is to tantalize and taunt men in public (and private) with my sexy, long legs. Plus, I enjoy wearing short dresses, skimpy shorts, and high heels!


I put a lot of effort into maintaining my gorgeous gams

Keeping my sexy legs in shape by running and going to kickboxing classes is a lot of work. Going to the salon to get them waxed is painful, however necessary to keep them smooth. I wouldn’t dare risk getting a scratch or even a nick with a razor. Then there are the lavish lotions and body oils I enjoy massaging onto them. Tanning keeps a shimmering golden look to my already olive toned skin.

Keeping these long limbs in stunning shape and my enormous shopping habit was and is quite expensive and at the time way out of my budget but soon I would find out how to use my best assets to my advantage.


Learning the Power My Gorgeous Legs Hold Over Men

One night, while partying with a group of friends, we decided to go to a gentlemen’s club. It was the first time I have been to one. (It surely wouldn’t be the last!)

The dynamic between the men and the women really excited me. Just watching the way they danced and teased the horny men was especially thrilling. The men were lapping it up and the women were raking in the cash.

I thought to myself, I can do that!!  My friends completely agreed.

I have taken dance classes my entire life. I was captain of our school’s dance team at the time and I do love an audience.

A few pole dancing lessons and an audition for the club owner and BOOM! I had a new job dancing at one of the most popular and exclusive clubs in town.


A Sexy-Legged Cocktease is Born

There I was on stage in a fucking sexy ass outfit complete with high heels and all eyes were on me. An electrifying feeling of dominance rushed through my veins. Teasing and denying wealthy men who gladly opened their wallets just for me was an exhilarating experience. It was then I realized the power I had over men and how easily I could make them submit to me.

I used my creativity to get into these men’s minds and fuck with them. Some nights I would include the regulars in my shows, which became very profitable. I remember one show in particular.

Strutting on stage to the applause of whistles and catcalls with a can of whipped cream in my hand, I walked over to a gentleman who frequents the club. This sweet little pervert has commented on my legs many times.

Just like you, he loved to tell me the things he would love to do with them. Well, that night, I indulged in his fantasy. With a little spin from my devilish mind, of course!


Be Careful What You Wish For

Grabbing his tie, I pulled him onto the stage and demanded he get he get down on his knees. I could just imagine the hard-on raging in his pants. With the can of whipped cream, I sprayed my leg from my ankle up to my inner thigh. I then instructed him to lick it off.

I guarantee his cock grew harder. Did yours?

As he licked it off, the crowd was cheering and I had a sultry smirk on my face. He slowly licked up my thigh which was arousing.

To be honest, I am slightly moist as I am writing this. Right before he got to my sweet spot I yanked him away by his hair and pulled his head back.

With the whipped cream still in my hand, I sprayed it all over his face, He was slapped and then pushed away. I again grabbed him by his tie and led him off of my stage like a dog.

Yep, on all fours! It was one of my best nights! The men were extremely appreciative that night.


The Power of a Dominant Goddess

It was then I discovered my true talent and the thrill of domination. I knew I was Goddess and deserved to be worshiped! I love using my long sexy legs and power over men to my advantage and for my entertainment!

Now and again, I still dance at a few clubs. Do not ask where, as I am not going to tell you.

Perhaps one day while visiting a club in North Carolina, you too, may get a treat!