Ahhh, that special day after Thanksgiving

Big Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year, or so your wife or girlfriend tells you. Well, it is MY goal to let you in on the TRUTH and turn this into something “big” for you boys too. Jack Friday, the biggest masturbating day of the year!!

While your wife/girlfriend is leaving you at midnight to supposedly get the best bargains (so she says), why not take this opportunity to spend the day with me and your favorite hand.

There are many things we can talk about on Jack Friday

Is your hot wife really out shopping? Or does “Big Black Friday” mean something totally different to her? I mean if she is up super early dressing in her best Sunday-go-to-meeting cleavage garb and heels to shop? DUH! I don’t think getting that new leaf blower for you is her true goal as much as it is your wittie bitty consolation prize for the wittie bittie man she’s stuck with. Hee hee! So true.

And what about all those leftovers?

They’re not just for turkey sandwiches anymore. I don’t have a dick or anything, but something tells me some of you pervs would love to have your way with a pile of warm mashed potatoes. How about a special sperm sauce for your turkey sandwich? Believe me, that’s the LEAST she could do. GO GIRL!

Worship Me

Here’s the difference. My hips and lips don’t lie. Jack off while you tell me how much you want to kiss and lick your Goddess’ sexy feet for being honest. These babies haven’t been trolling WalMart for hours in Mommy sandals. I have you boys for that! LOL! And if you appreciate My honesty, do your own shopping NOW right from home off of my updated wishlist

While that bitch isn’t looking of course. LMAO!

Happy Jack Friday!!!