I know it was yesterday. But I want to know today. Who of you poor souls had a very humiliating Valentines Day??

I am sure most of you, if not all are used to it. But I know there are some that are just confused. I mean, if you are single and a loser clap your hands, kind of loser, we get it. The poor short stacks and can’t get it up if I am being a degraded and humiliated sorry soul is who I am talking about. you try so hard each year. Shower the girl of your dreams with dozens of roses, balloons and gigantic hearts of candy to be laughed at while your gifts are tossed in the garbage. Spend major dollars on expensive lingerie, panty and bra sets, expensive jewelry. As she opens she looks at you so excited, saying OMG!!! My boyfriend is soo going to LOVE this!!!  If you are lucky, you got a kiss on the cheek.

Did you come home from work with your grocery store bought flowers and card. Walk in through the door to your Hotwife. Did you catch her naked on her knees. Deep throating one or five sexy and muscular big cocked studs. Some of you could only wish about such a thing while you took your boring vanilla wife out to dinner.

Sitting next to a table of young, hot Princesses.

The demanding. The dominant. The bitchy. You know, the girls you jerk off too on porn clips, who want nothing to do with you. Wearing barely there outfits. I bet you thought you were looking at them in secret. By their stares and giggling, you were turned on. By your wife’s glares, you knew you were fucked. Not in the way you wanted.

Whatever way you decided to spend the day of love I hope it was the best and I want to hear about it!!!

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours 😉