Edge Leak Repeat Gooner

Let me guess what you are doing today. You will be gooning in your Goon Cave with porn. Sound familiar? Of course it does! It is the only thing you do, isn’t it, loser? Luckily, I know exactly how to turn that goon session into hours of orgasm edging bliss. You want to Goon and Edge Forever. It’s what all gooners want and I am ready to encourage your solo-sexual life.


What is Gooning?

Gooning, if you do not already know, is the state man achieves after prolonged edging. He is spellbound by the look and feel of his own penis. He becomes one with his penis and in an almost meditative state. This, is called a gooner trance.

It is called gooning because at this point, when you are continuously holding back from spewing your load, you look ridiculous. You look like a fucking goon! Your face is all distorted and you are drooling from your dick and mouth. The only words to come out of your mouth will be “NNnnnnGGggggHHhhhh”.

I am your Gooner Goddess who loves to put you into a goon trance. Melting your brain as you hump your hand. Gooners just can’t help themselves, you only want to stroke. It’s so easy to make you fall further and deeper into a meaningful relationship with your hand.


Why Would you Even Want Pussy, Gooner?

You don’t. You can’t quit Gooning. You prefer hand pussy, rather than an actual real life wet and warm vagina. It’s so exciting to know that I put you in a gooning State that you will never be able to break. Imagine riding the edge of orgasm for hours, days, and weeks. You want it so bad! I love making you stoopid gooners give up everything and isolate yourselves into a life of Goddess Casey and fist humping. That is why I will make sure you never quit stroking and make sure you never have to relapse. Your sexy ass Goddess will make sure you are always bating, goon.

Here is what you will jerk off to when you are gooned the fuck out.

Repeat after me-
I goon to my Addiction.
I goon to my Pathetic Life.
I goon to being PussyFree.
I goon to Gooning.

Your whole life now is just gooning and falling further into a life of only hand sex. I will make you embrace this lifestyle and have you live by the mantra “Edge, Leak, Repeat”. This is now your worthless life.


Tell me all about that special place you call a Goon Cave.

How many screens of porn are playing? How many weekends in a row have you spent stroking? Do you cancel plans because it would mean less time to goon? Oh that’s right, you don’t have any plans because you don’t have any friends.

I mean, you really don’t need friends. You need stroke buddies. I will make sure you are stroking with other fucking goons just like you, as I mind fuck you. There is no escaping this and you have no chance to go back to being a normal human being. You are a gooner, jerk junkie, chronic masturbator, stroke zombie, porno-sexual, solo-sexual. I can go on and on, but I know this is what makes you happy. Turning your brain to fucking mush and jerking for hours and hours and hours.


You Need a Gooning Goddess

As your Gooner Goddess, I will take you to another level. I will turn you into such a drooling mess that can’t keep your hands off your goonstick. Your life will be Gooner Goddess Casey and hand pussy. Morning, noon and night, you will be edging with me. You will never want pussy or sex. Your desire is to edge longer and never cum. Your cock will leak like a fucking faucet with me.

Do you think you are ready to delve into a life style of long term denial and never cumming? Want to feel what it’s like to be in a gooner trance? If you are already a Gooner, enjoy the excitement of being gooned the fuck out. If not, are you ready to dive deeper into your addiction?

I am your new Gooner Goddess, I am here to help you explore being one with your cock.