Many times when taking calls there are days when I have a lot of men, or freaks, who have the same type of fetish. Some days it seems like all of my spanking fetish boys beg to offer their bare asses. Other days I have requests for my amazing verbal humiliation technique. Most callers I know require a specific, or not so specific, blend of two or more fetishes.

I have a very special group of boys who like a mix of three areas of my “sexpertise”.

Foot Worship at it’s Finest

I can relate to the eroticism of fine looking feet. It’s quite popular, and many men and women have a foot fetish one way or another. I can’t help being enticed when I see an amazing pair. Whether it is the size, toe length, arch or a particular color of polish, it can be difficult to look away. The site of my size ten, long, thin and perfectly kept tootsies will have the eyeballs of a groveling foot worshipper blow out  his or her sockets! Did I mention their extreme flexibility?

This particular day, I received kinky phone sex calls from a group of special men. I absolutely love teasing the shit out theses boys. I refer to them as my Triple F’s. Yep, that’s right, foot fetish faggots. *evil laughter* They have the desire to be so addicted to the fragrance and feel of my delicious and soft feet. I can the get them to do anything! That anything entails sucking a hard as steel, long and thick, mouth drooling cock!

From Foot Worship to Cock Worship

I love to tease the fuck out of this type of fanatic. These silly sweetie pies know it. Slipping off my high heels after a night of partying with the girls is a dream come true for the little pussy faces. Even better, when I come home with a hot manly stud. Yes, at first the sorry suckers may be confused, and they are very straight men. I AM very convincing. A few encouraging whispers and sugar coated kisses on the face for some. Some need a more harsh and demanding tone. Then there are those, who literally need to have their hair pulled back, mouth opened and face fucked! Being the extraordinary Enchantrix that I am, I fulfill everyone’s needs. My incredible intuition hones in on their secret craving for being degraded.

Being Called a Cock Sucker Turns Men On

Turns them on? They are already turned on by seeing I am available for kinky fetish calls. Get harder at the smell of my sweaty toes. Throb at the fact I have now manipulated them into sucking another man’s dick. The name calling, humiliation and verbal degradation is the icing on the cake. Or, should I say the icing on the face? Cock sucker. Cum slut. My pretty little faggot princess. Just naming a few words that will make a foot fetish cock worshipper have an extreme blast!!

Let’s discuss your thoughts in the comments or give me a ring!!

Later, lollipops!! spanks and kisses