Porn addict finds his perfect Mistress

I don’t want to say that Miss Casey changed my life, I was a loser before I was ever lucky enough to find her. What Miss Casey did was help me understand and accept my loser lifestyle. She made me realize, I was and still am a pornosexual. Being humiliated was what I needed and deserved. I am forever grateful for this amazing woman and the privilege it is to be able to pay her to talk to me.

The first time I called Miss Casey

I was immediately caught by her genuine laughter and deep understanding of compulsive cock stroking losers. It was clear that Miss Casey was the real deal and was born to take advantage of hand-humpers. It wasn’t long before I had succumbed to this beautiful dominant woman and did whatever she told me to do.

It was no time after our first call that she had me giving myself facials. She had me get into a cum eating position by putting my legs behind my head and aiming my loser juice in my mouth. It was the first time I tasted cum but it definitely wouldn’t be the last. The great thing about Miss Casey is that she didn’t let me stop there, she knew there was so much more I could accomplish.

Pushed Further into Humiliation

It was the day I finally took Miss Casey’s advice and bought panties for myself. If your loser dick hasn’t felt the wonderful feeling of pink panties, I advise you to run to Victoria’s Secret as soon as possible. Not only does it feel amazing, but it’s totally humiliating. Trust me, Miss Casey made me know how pathetic I was to jerk off in panties. Being shamed got my worthless dick even harder.

Pussy Free for Life

Once you accept being a loser, it becomes pretty obvious that pussy is not for you. Losers just don’t deserve it. We deserve to be humiliated and that’s all we want anyway. So once Miss Casey told me she wanted me to suck cock for her pleasure, I knew I had to.

I don’t know if I ever felt a bigger rush than the first time I put my lips around a strangers cock. Once that warm cum starting going down my throat, it was obvious Miss Casey was right when she said it would taste better than my own loser juice. If you’re a loser, Cock sucking is a great way to spend a Saturday night.

I am so thankful for everything Miss Casey has done for me and appreciate her giving me the opportunity to share my story with other losers. I don’t know what’s next for this loser, but I do know Miss Casey will be there the whole time laughing and humiliating me.

Loser Mikey

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Stroke away gooners!