Want to amuse me today loser?

Yep exactly what I thought. Panting like a little fucking puppy, with your pathetic excuse for a cock out. Oh what, did you think you were going to get guided masturbation instructions from me today? No moron, today we are working on your nut sack. And since it is all about my enjoyment, that means it is not going to feel very good for you. But you came here to please me, isn’t that right?

What I want you to do for me today is first get naked

Yea of course you like that horn dog. Find a shoelace and like 3 12-16 ounce bottles. You are going to tie the shoe lace around the neck of the bottles, then tie the other end of the shoe lace tightly around your balls. Any bottles will do. Water, soda, beer. Whatever you have on hand, and what you think will amuse me best.

How long do you think you can keep it up

Ha ha! Now I want you to stand in front of your computer, on the Mistress page of cock control, and using your hips, “hand write” each Mistresses name. Yep. Every last one. Big cursive letters. I want those bottles swinging while yanking on your little nuggets!!

After that give me about 20 jumping jacks. Swing your hips back and forth. Throw on some Latin music and dance dance dance!


Even better if you perform this for me on my teasing phone sex line. You will hear me giggle and laugh until I cry! Too shy (or scared) to talk to me? Then write down your experience in the comments.

Muah puppets!!