Glam girls, sissy sluts, sissy girls, sissy babies and sissy maids OH MY…

Okay girlies it is time to shine.  Get into your best sissy gear and head on over to the SIXTH ANNUAL MISTRESS TARA SISSY SCHOOL BEAUTY PAGEANT.  The rules for Entry have been written out for you in black and pink by lovely Mistresses Heather and Ivy.  I EXPECT each and every one of My little sissy queers to enter this pageant!  If you need help deciding on your photo I can help with that.  Remember to do your best and make an effort to do Me proud as your owner.  There will be severe spankings with the sissy paddle for My sissies who don’t try hard enough to win 😉

Stupid Sissy Bimbo Heather

So as you know I have dubbed Wednesday hump days as chump days.  This is for the losers who have nothing to hump but their pillows.  Today I give you heather.  This dumb little stroker whore has been IMing Me desperately wanting a two Mistress   humiliation phone sex call with Myself and Miss Bella.  TWICE now the Goddess Stars have aligned and stupid wuss heather didn’t have the pussy to make the call.  When she finally got up her liquid courage one of us would be done for the day.  Sometimes I really wish I could reach My perfectly manicured hand through the computer and face slap the bitch.  But of course that would only get her useless sissy clit hard as a rock.  I had stupid heather write Me a few limericks about herself for Me and Bella to enjoy.  She had a very hard time with this but I do have to give her credit for her hard work.

i’m a sissy who just LOVES her leather
who goes by the name of heather
i sought not one but a pair
hoping They’d both like to share
and to use and abuse for Their pleasure
Miss Bella and Casey i found
and to Them i am now happily bound
to entertain Them is a must
and though i’m viewed with only disgust
with Them i need be around
so desperate i am to please
and anxious to serve on my knees
i’ll perform any task
without thought when They ask
of this i must guarantee

Cute.  Do you have a Loser Limerick you’d like to share?  Email it to Me and I will share it with the world
Here is a chump day audio for you to enjoy Premature Ejaculator

Ta ta for now
-Empress Casey

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Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card

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