Hey there guys, Enchantrix Casey here.

I want to tell you about a fun little teasing experience I had the other day. A friend and I decided to skip the gym one afternoon and instead enjoy a few margaritas. We walked into a little cafe, which happened to be pretty empty. As usual we were dressed in tight skirts. You know how I love to show off my sexy long legs 😉 I also wore a beautiful camisole top and high heeled sandals.

While we enjoyed our drinks

there was an older couple sitting across with the gentlemen facing us. Let me tell you he could not take his eyes off of me. I mean just totally gawking. My friend knowing how I adore being a prick tease, dared me to fuck with him. I started by just blowing kisses and winking. Licking my sensual lips while crossing my legs and dangling my shoe. He wasn’t even paying attention to his date any longer. This totally left these two bratty babes giggling and playing even more.

His date

who was simply oblivious to our shenanigans, got up to go to the restroom. Now I wanted to go in for the Casey kill! Well a cock tease always has to give a great finale right? I stared directly at him with my smokey eyes. I then spread my legs making my already short skirt hike up. And totally flashed him my barely there panties! HA! You should have seen him squirm and also shift his napkin 😉

Oh I wasn’t finished

I then took my long perfectly manicured finger and rubbed those sheer black thongs I was wearing. Just a few times. I immediately stood up to leave. On the way out, I leaned over him, giving a shot of cleavage. And told him to think of me while he is stroking that hard on!

Don’t you wish you had a tease like me boys!