I surround Myself in luxury, and am very accustomed to getting what I want. I have ways of making you do and say things you have never dreamed of. I guess you could describe My style of domination as a cock teasing vixen with the perfect dash of bitch. Whether you are a winner or a loser My devilish laugh and erotic voice will take you down. I could be sitting on your lap, seducing you with My soft caress and the very next second you could be collapsing to your knees with your balls in My hand, while I spit in your face. I enjoy keeping My toys on their toes and love when you beg for more. For those who just want someone to talk to, I am an excellent listener and enjoy your stories and confessions.

Let’s see what else. I am 5’11”. I am into lots of kink and fetish. Open to new things. Love the hot sun, beach and tanning. I teach a mixed martial arts fitness class. Ha Ha yes these legs have more than one way of taking you down 😉 A last meal for Me would be a sushi and sake feast. In fact if you are a pet in good shape you can be My Nyotaimori. Tattoos are sexy on sexy people. I have a few Myself 😉 Drink of choice? Grey Goose, club soda with splash of cranberry. A glass of pinot noir when relaxing on the couch watching Nip Tuck, Desperate Housewives or Chelsea Lately, while you massage My silky size 10 feet, or just let them rest on your face. Finally from My wishlist you will find I have a slight purse and shoe fetish LOL.

Well boys I hope you were paying attention. There may be a pop quiz.

Ta Ta for now,
Empress Casey

email Me-Casey@EnchantrixEmpire.com
Skype ID- EnchantrixCasey
Phone Sessions-800-356-6169
Calls are 2.75 per minute, minimum of 10 minutes, billed to your credit card