feminization HumiliationToday I am going to tell you about a caller of mine whom is now named Klhoe. He begged so hard not to expose his secrets, but I know deep down he needed the humiliation.

Before I realized Klohe was a femme, he exposed a lot of embarrassing things to me, which I found hysterical!!!

First of all Klohe is a 25 year old virgin. And I believe he will be one for the rest of his life.

You see, Klohe could not pass the bathroom tissue roll test. If you do not know what that is, I shall tell you.

The tissue paper roll test is when a man a slides the tube over his erect penis, to measure his size. We all know, size does matter

Go ahead, grab your tubes. I will wait.


Now, slide your tube over your hard dick. If your dick does not stick out you have a small penis. Sorry, not sorry. If it sticks out about an inch or two, well then you are average. I am not an average girl, so for me, it’s a no go. Now, if you are 4 inches and over, you have a HUGE cock. And, a very lucky man.

Back to Klohe’s penis test

He showed me on Skype and I did not see his head pop out. He tried so hard to push it down so it would pop out, but, it was not showing a thing. Poor guy. Ha The sad thing is, Klhoe is not a bad looking guy, and has a nice fit body, and ass. I mean, he would be a good catch if it weren’t for that one small problem.

That One Time He Tried to have sex

He was lucky one night, or so he thought. He met a girl at a bar, hooked up and even got to take her home in hopes to FINALLY pop his cherry. LOL.

Oh this poor girl. I am sure she was a bit drunk and horny. They went back to his place where things were getting steamy. When it was time, she proceeded to put a condom on, which I am sure was too big. When she touched his penis to roll the condom on his tiny dick. He claims as she was rolling it up she pinched it and then he shot his load!!! I mean, he literally blew it in more ways than one!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Personally, I’d say she lucked out. I mean either way what a waste of time. It’s not as though she was going to get a good bang anyway.

At this point I thought Klhoe was just interested in me laughing and being a (tad) mean. Until, I found out from a girl he knows told me a little secret about Klhoe, that I am going to share with you. I found out that Klhoe, likes to dance to female pop songs!! One of his favorites is Taylor Swift. The fabulous ms.Phoenix Ms. Phoenix says he is a Swifty.

Klhoe the Exhibitionist

I exposed him to a few of the other ladies on a two Mistress call, for a few minutes each. When I exposed him to Ms. Phoenix, he was all about it!! He loved the fact that he was a sexy sorority girl. I could already tell he was actually a femme when I heard about the dancing.

Obey Your Mistress

Phoenix and I were dying to see his dancing so it took a lot of convincing. I mean a lot. Obviously he was not Pleasing his mistress Finally, he complied and went on cam for us. Then another 30 minutes of coercing, he put his saved video on and started his dance. OMG! It was hilarious. He was in his boxer briefs shaking it to the song. I mean, SHAKING it. I must say, Klhoe has some moves!

We again, coerced him to entertain us by dancing to a few more videos before we released him until next time, where he will learn the art of fingernail painting and putting on lipstick.

Haha, Klhoe. Now everyone knows your secrets!!

Bye for now!!