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Phone Mistress Casey Update

Hello hello, my kinky friends, puppets, pets, and sissies. You know where you fall πŸ˜‰

Just want to give you all an update regarding my schedule and absence.

These last two months I have been doing some major gym training, with a sexy personal trainer, I must say. Courtesy of a weak little panty waist fairy. πŸ™‚

I just love fitness and working out. Plus this event is for an organization very close to my heart. (Yes, I do have one)

I will be away the next few days for a team meet. That being said, I know there are quite a few of you who NEED me and my presence, and well, who can blame you.

SO…I will be taking VIP requests, and appointments when possible.Β Here are several ways to contact me. Even just to say hi, and I will get to you as soon as I possibly can.


Yahoo Messenger: EmpressCasey

Skype: EnchantrixCasey

I will be back for sure on Tues March 1. I miss you all and cannot wait to get back to our kinky fun and games together!!

Wish me luck!!!
Kicks and kisses
Miss Casey

2 comments to Phone Mistress Casey Update

  • Neweng00

    Weak little panty waist. πŸ™‚

    Have fun!

  • D

    … Oh My! Why am I such an easy cum slut for you Casey?! I can’t help it! You just drive me crazy, teasing laughing having a real good time at my expense, you know it and take full advantage me don’t you Mistress Casey?! You really had your fun on our recent call didn’t you?! You email me, Skype message me “…I want to see your face covered in your own HOT and CREAMY JIZZ!!!”,… calling me all your cum pet names you have for me like ‘my little jizz junkie’, ‘my little cum slut dump’, ‘my little fucking cum whore’, ‘my cum eating slut’… getting me to the brink then you tell me what I will have to do for you… “…willingly rub your face in it to wipe it up!” That is what you do so I will always have to cum back for more right? YOU DEMAND!
    I called, you teased, taunted, toyed and played with me… you made me run get a plate, cum on it… then told me rub my face in my own cum, “Yeah!, now push your face into your cum… get it ALL OVER YOUR FACE cum slut…” .THEN for good measure you had me sit there, my face dripping in my own cum so you could see… “Good! now let me see! ha ha! LOOK AT YOU! I love it!”…then you finished me off by telling me to lick my own cum for you!
    I did it for you of course! Thank you for driving me crazy!

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