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Two for Tuesday Special is Back


This is an Awesome Special, Guys, and My Favorite

We are continuing our Anniversary Month Celebration with Double the Sexy!

On Tuesday, November 17th

Call anytime between 12:01 AM EST and 11:59 PM EST, and you can talk to 2 Mistresses for the price of 1, for the first 10 minutes of your call!

If You Were Ever Curious About a 2 Mistress Call

This is your opportunity to try it out. Of course, those who already love double the trouble, this is a nice treat for you! I love playing and having such a blast with the other Mistresses!

Thank you for being a part of our anniversary!!


7 comments to Two for Tuesday Special is Back

  • mike

    so i can have 2 mistress humilated me and tease torture and punish me with double spankings which is my dream fantasy

  • Casey

    Yes you can!!

  • mike

    Aweosme Miss Casey i hope to be able call and do that i be ready to accept what you to sweet females give me that i desver you one awesome Beautiful Mistress

  • Casey

    Thnak you! I hope you can as well. Cannot wat wait to give you the spanking you deserve!

  • D

    OMG! Thank You Casey! You always do me so good! Thank you for showing me off, sharing me with Alyssa and making me get so… cum eating nasty for you! Thanks for taking the lead and showing Alyssa exactly what you do to me, how you do it and for letting her play with me too! Oh! and Thanks for the spoon, you don’t miss anything do you?! A 2 mistress LIVE ON CAM cum facial AND you still had the presence of mind to make sure I ran and got a spoon! THANK YOU THANK YOU! THANK YOU CASEY! I AM YOUR SLUT AND I LOVE IT! THANK YOU!

  • Casey

    You are absolutely welcome, my cum slut!! I had such a great time showing you off to Miss Alyssa as much as I am sure enjoyed watching you!! I do love how nasty you get, I can’t help but laugh at the way you slurp your cum!

  • mike

    can i spank the 2 mistress or have them spank each other as i laugh and masterbate as both get punish butt red like red nose reindeer santa suit cherry strawberry red butt

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