With the awesome rewind weekend rate special, it took me back to the beginnings of my phone sex experience. And one of my first losers. Who, by the way still is. His name is Mikey, and we have had an amazing journey over the years.

Mikey first started calling me as a jerk off junkie loser

Addicted to stroking while being laughed at and called a loser. Why? Because Mikey was and still is pathetic and unable to find women. I know some girls will feel bad for poor saps like Mikey. However, the real problem was he couldn’t even get it up for a girl if he tried. Trying to date women out of his league certainly did not help. I remember one time he went on a date to a ball game. The poor girl. She told him she was going to use the restroom never to return.

Did I feel sorry for him?

No fucking way. Men like him should be ridiculed and laughed at for the spineless bitch that he is. I can remember his poor pathetic voice sounding like Eeyore (the donkey from Winnie the Pooh)confessing how he sits at home. Jerking off to porn and spending all of his money on phone sex. When he told me how huge his porn collection I busted out laughing. In fact, my stomach would be sore after giggling so hard it was like a 30-minute abdominal workout. As always this would make Mikey even harder. Sometimes blow his sad spew.

Throughout the years, Mikey had changed

No, he didn’t gain his manhood. He never was a man and never will be. He has finally accepted that. Mikey is now a full blown panty wearing, glory hole cock sucking faggot bitch. I mean, if you are not man enough to get a woman, you may as well be trained to suck dick.

He used to tell me he would never be turned into a sissy, never even think about putting a cock in his mouth. He still calls to this very day. In fact, I just introduced him to Mistress Brighton.

Another pathetic pussy turned. Go Casey go!!

So to all of you out there who ask, “Mistress, am I always going to be this way?” Yes. Yes, you are.