If you are like some of my callers, you know a great way to please Mistress, is by eating cum. Whether it is drained from your balls or someone else’s, I love to hear you beg. I want to coerce you to be my cum whore. I think it is one of the most humiliating things a *ahem* man can do.

So the question is why aren’t more of you eating your cum for me? And those who want to, why are you chicken shits backing out? There are plenty of reasons you should be eating your cum. It is actually very good for you.

Cum is a natural anti-depressant

You should be stocking up some cum in your refrigerator. This way, the next time you are depressed about what a sad pathetic loser you are, take a shot or two of your yummy happy jizz juice.

Can’t sleep

Your salty seed contains melatonin. A sleep aid. Just pull at your cum churning stick and spew away into a warm glass of milk. Tasty dreams!

Still not ready to fully commit to being a slutty swallower

No worries! There are plenty of other ways to use your swimmers so that nothing goes to waste.

Make a chowder man mask. It is great for your skin. After you shoot a fresh hot load, spread that shit all over your face. Talk about a facial.

I know the prissy sissies take pride in your lovely long locks. Do you know what makes it shinier and healthier?? That’s right…Beg that cock you are sucking to drench your hair in his sticky goo!

Now that you see what you have been missing out on, don’t you think it’s time to beg to eat your cum for me?

Keep in touch for some yummy cummy cocktails

Great for added protein in your diet, lowering blood pressure and just relaxing and relieving a stress headache.

Tell me why you love, or frightened to eat your cum in the comments. I would love to know.