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Ok where was I?

So this guy who was totally shopping with his wife just couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I mean do you guys not know how to just take a glimpse and move on? Especially when you are with another woman. We all know what is going on.

I would have felt bad for her

and laugh the whole thing off, but after she gave him the evil eye she shot a nastier one at me! Like it’s my fault you married a pervert. I am so sure this did not happen over night.

Now it was on!

I had to fuck with his head, and laugh knowing what punishment he would endure from his wife later. Time to bend over in front of him to investigate some items on the bottom shelf. Women totally do this straight legged bending at the hip sticking their ass out swaying back and forth, right?

Next they headed to the produce section where of course I followed. While she resumed to her shopping list, I stared at the poor married sap fondling two Roma tomatoes like a pair of balls. His balls.

I laughed to myself

and decided I needed a big juicy cucumber and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. As I was inspecting each cucumber for it’s length, girth and firmness that’s when the automatic spritzer just had to come on.

As I jumped and squealed

-not acting at all 😉 I suddenly had the attention of every man in the section. Married man couldn’t keep his eyes off of my headlights. I brushed past him I handed him the cucumber and whispered “I have a feeling you will be tossing more than just salad later.”

And headed off to the express lane!

Muah boys!