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Ass Play

Ass Play! You All Scream for Ass Play!

Now get yourself good and clean before calling me, my little pretty. You don’t want your phone Femdom Goddess to have to send you back in the shower once we start talking. Ha! Though some of you with a waterproof phone just might! 😉

Then . . . → Read More: Ass Play

Casting Call for Sissy Auditions

As some of you know, I absolutely love dance. From the lavish spectaculars of Broadway to the fabulous productions of Sin City, this formerly trained, long legged Diva can’t get enough.

And one of my favorite shows to catch (at least in Vegas) is “PEEPSHOW!” Why you ask? As if the name “PEEPSHOW” doesn’t . . . → Read More: Casting Call for Sissy Auditions

CBT Humiliation Assignment

Want to amuse me today loser?

Yep exactly what I thought. Panting like a little fucking puppy, with your pathetic excuse for a cock out. Oh what, did you think you were going to get guided masturbation instructions from me today? No moron, today we are working on your nut sack. And since it . . . → Read More: CBT Humiliation Assignment

The Incredible Shrinking Sissy

At a caller’s request I am writing about his Giantess fantasy.

Finally this little sissy gets the giantess fetish It’s not so much about how tall I am, but how I as a powerful Mistress can shrink you to the size of a Barbie doll. What girl does not like to play with Barbie’s? . . . → Read More: The Incredible Shrinking Sissy

Grocery Store Tease

Ok where was I?

So this guy who was totally shopping with his wife just couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I mean do you guys not know how to just take a glimpse and move on? Especially when you are with another woman. We all know what is going on.

I . . . → Read More: Grocery Store Tease