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Home Made Sex Toys for My Stroker Boys

Are you too embarrassed to purchase your own sex toys

Maybe you have a nosy significant other who thinks sex toys are gross or cheating. Perhaps they are just too expensive right now. Well here are two sex toys that are inexpensive and are things found right in your home. They are even fun . . . → Read More: Home Made Sex Toys for My Stroker Boys

Begging for Humiliation

WOW! Lot’s of phone sex calls and emails this week from poor inadequate men. It is so comical that you sit and stare at My enticing pictures. Fantasize of what it would be like to ever have a shot at a woman such as Myself, then suddenly have the urge to confess your insufficiencies. . . . → Read More: Begging for Humiliation

The Men I Love

A very popular question I hear when meeting a new fetish phone sex caller is, “what type of guy are you into?” My answer is usually, “It depends.” Now, I know that sounds like some lame, blow you off type of answer, but really it is not. I have a use for all men . . . → Read More: The Men I Love

Bath Time Baby

One of the most indulgent and luxurious pleasures is as easy as a bubble bath.¬† I like to treat Myself to one as often as possible.¬† In fact every woman, sissy, cross dresser¬† and even real man needs to experience the delight of slipping into a comfy robe while running hot water over an . . . → Read More: Bath Time Baby

Project Runway: Sissy and Crossdresser Edition.

One of My must watch television shows includes Project Runway. I love fashion and it is exciting to see these aspiring designers bring their ideas to life. Of course a gorgeous host such as Heidi Klum and the right touch of drama and cattiness doesn’t hurt either. Is it bad to laugh just a . . . → Read More: Project Runway: Sissy and Crossdresser Edition.