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The Incredible Shrinking Sissy

At a caller’s request I am writing about his Giantess fantasy.

Finally this little sissy gets the giantess fetish

It’s not so much about how tall I am, but how I as a powerful Mistress can shrink you to the size of a Barbie doll. What girl does not like to play with Barbie’s? I mean come on, let’s face it. That is the only way I am going to play with you anyway! HA!

And guess what sissy

That is not all I am going to shrink. You have seen a Barbie doll haven’t you? There is absolutely no anatomical instrument down there. Yours is useless anyway, so why not make it official?

I mean I could use you as a dildo

but you really are way too small. My dildos are at least twice the size of what I will shrink you. What I love is belittling you, and dressing you up so pretty. I have all the feminine outfits, the pink Corvette, the Dream house, the spa…

And a super sexy anatomically correct Ken doll

Oh how I would love to tower over you. Tease and dress you up for your mystery date. You are going to have to find a way to keep Ken occupied with that pretty mouth of yours since you don’t have a thing for him down there. And let me warn you sissy doll, Ken is an animal and not taking no for an answer. But then, we both know you’d never say no, would you?

9 comments to The Incredible Shrinking Sissy

  • al

    do “ken” dolls have Genitals?
    do “barbie “dolls?
    Yeah I’d lik to su**k Ken and be Your dildoMaybe
    You cud pass me a round at a party

  • Casey

    LOL My Ken doll has genitals. And I would so love to pass you around to all the dolls at a party!

  • Little D

    I have been Casey’s Barbie doll for awhile now unfortunately these giantess’s share there toys I was passed to Piper,Lydia,and Callie. I have to be very creative when entertaining these giantess’s I know when I was out of step when performing a Lady Gaga song Giantess Casey snatched me up by the back of my thong panties and tacked my thongs up to a bullitin board and unfortunately I was still wearing them. Life is very different as Casey’s Barbie doll.

  • Casey

    Oh we LOVE sharing our sissy barbie play toys!! And HOW hard did all the ladies in the office laugh at you being tacked up on the bulletin board?!?! LMAO!!

  • Little D

    They laughed very hard. Some of them even pulled on my legs which made it much worse. I am trying to get better at my dance performance. I could barely walk in those Barbie plastic high heels let alone dance

  • Little D

    What a night Empress Casey had me all dress up and ready for my date a very short black dress high heels fishnet stockings and black silky thong panties. Next thing I new a knock at the door from the Barbie dream house it was Ken next thing I knew I was in the passenger seat of the pink corvette we were in front of a giant tv made to represent an old drive in theater. Before I knew it I was in the back seat with my dress pulled up and panties around my ankles with Casey controlling Ken the anal strokes had to be a thousand times a minute I couldn’t believe my butt didn’t burst into flames from a friction fire.

  • Casey

    LOL That was literally one HOT date!!

  • Little D

    I am so glad Ken is hollow Casey has us sharing one pair of panties and of coarse Ken is in the rear I have to sleep on my stomach so he doesnt go so deep after the date we never separated Casey is a great match maker.

  • Little D

    The last time one of her Barbie sluts objected and cursed Kens head was shoved up his butt so every time we seen him it looked like a headless body was attached to his butt. We dont complain at all.

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