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Ass Play

Ass Play! You All Scream for Ass Play!

Now get yourself good and clean before calling me, my little pretty. You don’t want your phone Femdom Goddess to have to send you back in the shower once we start talking. Ha! Though some of you with a waterproof phone just might! 😉

Then settle in, perhaps pour yourself a lovely glass of wine.

Cross your legs in that special way and give yourself a few of those reassuring ass exercise Kegel’s I’ve been teaching you all. Then when you’re good and ready, call your one and only Ass Domina Mistress Casey. We’ll make a bottom out of you yet!


So what toys are we anal training with tonight darling? You so know how I hate to hear you fumble around in the produce drawer of your fridge without a plan. I know sweetie, how about we finish off that bottle of wine together then find something to do with the empty when we’re done with getting you hot and bothered?

I know you want to please me, don’t you?

So have a finger, dildo, even a sharpie ready for your masturbation session.

But you better be ready for it.

I’ll tell you all about the hot guys this prick tease size queen has been scoping out for herself, if you do the same sweet cheeks. It might actually turn me on. 😛

And if you want to know what to do for my ass, pucker up boys!

Ta ta for now butt sluts.


4 comments to Ass Play

  • PB

    My trusty plunger is always available for use during an anal training session. It’s got a nice spiral plastic handle with a twist…a little bit of lube does the rick and lets me plunge away. I can stick it to the floor and do squats or stick it to the wall and get down on all fours and ride it from behind…I can even stick it to the headboad….lie on my back put my legs on the top of the head board and slowly slide into it 🙂 It’s truely a versitle device that allows me to enjoys ohhhhh sooo many positions 🙂

  • LOL, Ms. Casey! A waterproof phone! I love it!

  • Casey

    LOL PB I love it! I think every anal fetishist could use a plunger. LOL I can never walk through a Home Depot without thinking of naughty toys!

  • Casey

    It would come in handy. I have had guys drop their cell phones in the bathtup getting to hot and bothered LOL

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