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The Men I Love

cutecaseyA very popular question I hear when meeting a new fetish phone sex caller is, “what type of guy are you into?” My answer is usually, “It depends.” Now, I know that sounds like some lame, blow you off type of answer, but really it is not. I have a use for all men in My life. It really does depend on how erotic or twisted I am feeling that moment. Here are just a few examples of some of My favorite men.

Wimpy nerd. Your smart, successful. But you are a wimp. A marshmallow. You pamper Me. Spoil Me with gifts, vacations the finest dining. I will never fuck you. Ha Ha. Nope and in fact I will turn you into My cuckold. Soon you will become aroused at the idea of serving Me and My big cocked studs.

Big Blubbery slob, total pathetic loser. Ha Ha I don’t care that you look absolutely disgusting in a pair of panties. When I want a man who I can totally degrade and humiliate it is you I seek. How fun it is to crush your pathetic face with My perfect ass. Laughing with My girlfriends when your jelly belly never stops rippling.

Average Joe-Nice guy. Good looking. Maybe you workout. Have no problem with the ladies but your looking for more. Perhaps a little cock control. Your girlfriend just doesn’t get that you want someone to seduce and play with you. Well, torment really. You are just so adorable when you are turned on. I will probably get excited to hear you cum. Especially when I get you to unleash all over that cute little smile of yours.

The Lost Boy~No not a dreamy vampire. I see you guys all the time. You are in desperate need of My control. your life will never be complete until you are owned. you will cook, clean, and wipe My spit off the floor with your tongue. When you fuck up I slap you across the face and you still beg to lick My ass. you just may be My favorite, of course I will never let you know.

Feminine boy. Ooh you are so much fun to play dress up with. Shop with, watch girlie movies and gossip. Have panty parties with My girlfriends and never complain when My strap on is slamming in your face or pussy.

Hot Stud. Tall, drop dead gorgeous. Big hands, big feet (you know what that means). I don’t really need to explain what this delicious man is good for do I? The only type of man that gets to throw Me around and have his way with Me. If your lucky he’ll do it right in front of you.

Now there are plenty other types of man not listed so do not worry if you do not find yourself listed. I have a place for you too.

Ta Ta Boys~Casey
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